Friday, September 26, 2008

Shawn's hike

A few posts down, I already told a little bit about Shawn's big hike last Saturday. He climbed Conundrum Peak, which is near Aspen. He tooks tons of pictures, which, frankly, make me wish that I would've gone! Actually, Shawn thinks that it's within my abilities (in other words, not too difficult for me), but he thinks parts of the climb would've scared me. There was snow in places, and there was frost on a lot of the rocks before the sun hit them. Frost+rocks=slippery surface! And yes, the thought of slipping off a rock and tumbling down a mountain does scare me. :) Here are some pictures from his day of hiking:

In moving news, Shawn called the relocation company today to let them know that I hadn't heard from the moving company yet. The relocation company then called me to let me know that the person who was supposed to call me and schedule the estimate has been out this week. That person will call me on Monday. I said okay and hung up. What I really wanted to ask is why they "assigned" us to a person who is out all week, when the relocation company knows that Shawn's start date in Washington is Monday? And if it's not okay for me to wait until Monday for them to call...what would they have been able to do about it at 5:00 on Friday? But anyways. As long as our current landlord doesn't kick us out of the Colorado condo on Tuesday, we'll be fine. It'll all work out. I just keep telling myself that. :)

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courtney said...

wow, awesome pics Carrie!