Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seattle Mariners

Tonight, Shawn and I decided to go see a baseball game! Neither of us had ever been to Safeco Field, and tonight, the Mariners were playing the Yankees. We had a good time! Almost as soon as we entered the park, I was struck by how similar it is to Coors Field. Makes was designed by the same architect, and the goal all along was to copy some of the features of Coors.I wasn't expecting there to be much of a game. Seattle is the worst team in the American League, and the Yankees, of course, are pretty darn good (although not really in the thick of the playoff hunt at this point...for the first time in 14 years!!). Seattle's lost the last 8 games they've played against the Yankees. And to top it all off...Seattle was starting a rookie who is attempting to make the transition from the bull pen to a starting role. This was Morrow's first ever Major League start, and in his longest outing in the Minors, he'd only thrown 82 pitches.

I noticed in the 4th inning that the Yankees didn't have a hit. This went into the 5th...and the 6th...and the 7th...and the 8th!! There was definitely excitement in the air, and I was really hoping that I was going to see my first no-hitter! Especially cool considering that this was in a rookie's first start in the Majors! And then...with 2 outs in the 8th inning...pinch hitter Wilson Betemit hit a ball over the head of Ichiro in right field for a base hit.

But we still had a great time. Shawn really enjoyed his garlic fries, and I think that the "Major League Mariner Dog" is one of the best stadium hot dogs I've ever had. I did take some pictures, but I forgot to bring the cord that would allow me to upload the pictures to the computer. I'll post them after we get back to Colorado!

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Be honest: Was it as sunny as it is in the pic you posted? ;)