Sunday, September 28, 2008

Denver Diner

Although Shawn and I enjoy hanging out with our friends, and even though I really am a night owl, we don't often stay out really late anymore. But last night, we decided to make an exception. After picking Shawn up at the airport, we stayed downtown, hanging out with a couple friends. But the true highlight of the night was our visit to the Denver Diner. The Denver Diner is a restaurant right on Colfax and Speer. I've only been there twice now, but Shawn has always commented that he thinks it's funny that this 24-hour restaurant actually has a 2:00am rush...just as the bars are closing. Compared to the drinking crowd, we got there relatively early, and by the time we left (after having "breakfast," around 2:30), the place was packed. I needed to use the restroom before we headed home, and this is really where my fun began. I'm going to attempt to tell the story, but I need to acknowledge that it's probably funnier when I tell it in person and can add facial expressions and motions. But I'll do my best.

First, I entered the bathroom to discover that there's only one stall, and someone was in it. As I stood there waiting, I was eventually joined by two other women, one of whom quite obviously really had to go (based on the wiggling/bouncing dance she was doing). After a couple minutes, the door to the bathroom stall burst open, and a very drunk girl in a short, strapless dress (with a cell phone tucked into the top of it) stood there. She kept one hand on the doorknob to steady herself, and she looked at the three of us with a vacant stare, swaying a little bit. I asked her if she was okay, and she kind of nodded and stumbled out of the way. Once I was in the stall, I realized she hadn't flushed the toilet, so I took care of that for her. I could hear the three of them talking while the super drunk girl attempted to wash her hands. The "dancing" girl said, "Honey, let me help you. Your nipple is showing." They were all still in the bathroom when I came out of the stall, so I attempted to head for the sink. As the next woman went into the stall, I heard her say "Oh, hell, I'm not going to bother shutting the door." I looked in the mirror...and sure enough, she was doing what she needed to with the stall door wide open. The first drunk girl decided at that moment that she was leaving the bathroom, so she opened the door...and anyone who happened to look in from the crowded lobby area could now see the open bathroom stall in the mirror. I attempted to shut the stall door with my foot while I washed my hands, and that eventually worked. Meanwhile, the girl who came in obviously in dire need of using the restroom began crossing her legs, bending over at the waist, and bouncing up and down a lot, "Saying, oh man this is bad. I'm going to pee my pants. This is gonna be so embarrassing." I thought that was the perfect time to leave the bathroom.

Once we got to the car, I told Shawn the story. We had to agree that watching drunk people can be really funny...especially when we're not drunk ourselves and can truly appreciate the absurd things they're doing!


Stephanie said...

Honey, let me help you. Your nipple is showing.

i LOLd on this one. hahhahahahaha

KellieBelle said...

Ahhh, the good old days. Just Kidding!!
Seriously, sometimes it is much more entertaining to be the sober one!


Sounds just like college. Drunk people are hysterical!