Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy Week

As of this afternoon, Shawn and I are still hoping that we'll be able to move this weekend! His official start date at the new company is Monday, so he was able to talk to Human Resources today and get things moving a little faster. According to the guy he talked to, we "shouldn't be surprised if the relocation company can get the moving truck here this weekend." Here's hoping!

In the meantime, I've been trying to get lots of things done here in Colorado while Shawn is working in Seattle this week. I've had the normal errands to store, Walmart, library, bank, post office. I finally fixed a shirt last night that had ripped (on a seam, fortunately) a couple months ago, and I've slowly been doing more sorting/purging/packing. I downloaded and printed the voter registration forms so that Shawn and I can vote in Washington in the upcoming election.

As soon as we know for sure that we're moving this weekend, I'll have to call all the utilities...cancel/stop the utilities we pay for here, and set up all the new ones in Washington. I'll also need to call to change our car insurance, and I still need to finish filling out the paperwork that will allow me to start subbing as quickly as possible after we move. And, of course, I still need to finish all the packing.

I don't have plans for much else this week, so I will try to post some pictures of recent events later this week. We have pictures from Shawn's hike last weekend, and we also got the images from our photographer from the wedding! So I'll try to post some professional wedding pics later this week, too.

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Don't forget the change of address form! :)

B&X just moved to Philly. They forgot the change of address form.