Thursday, September 25, 2008

Okay...maybe not

Towards the end of the day on Wednesday, Shawn let me know that the relocation company will be calling me. The first step in the process will be having a guy come over to do an estimate. I'm not exactly sure what this is an estimate of, since we're not paying for it. An estimate of how much space our stuff will take up in their truck? How much time it will take them to do it? Anyways, my impression is that the actual move will be scheduled after the guy comes to do the estimate. Shawn was told that the relocation company would call me within 48 hours. Considering how everything else has gone in this moving process, why am I not at all surprised that I didn't hear from them on Thursday?

Therefore...I'm assuming that we're not moving this weekend. :) At this point, I'm hoping for next weekend, which means we will have to miss the wedding in Texas we were supposed to be going to. I'm bummed about would've been a lot of fun.

I did spend some more time packing today, although I'm lacking the motivation now to really hurry. The bulk of our stuff is packed, though. I mainly have our clothes and part of the kitchen left. I also went over to the school to have lunch with some of my former coworkers. It's always nice going there...people seem genuinely happy to see me, which makes me feel loved. :) Then tonight, I went downtown and had dinner with Shawn's mom. We went to a place in Cherry Creek that serves nothing but crepes, and it was really good! I had the "Poulet au Gratin" crepe, which is diced chicken with wild mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce with ementhaler cheese. And for those of you who know my picky eating habits well (Lis), yes...I actually ate it and enjoyed it...even the mushrooms! (Until, of course, I noticed that I was about to eat a mushroom, at which point I had to shove it aside. But if I didn't pay attention to a particular forkful and it contained a mushroom, I ate it.)

I was able to upload some pictures from Shawn's camera this afternoon, but considering that it's now after midnight, I think I'll wait until tomorrow to post any of them. (Sorry, Court.)

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Hooray for you!! Happy mushrooms! :)

As for the estimate, they have to do an estimate both for space and for cost, because they'll have to clear it with the person paying before they do it, and they have to bring the right-sized truck, and they have to figure out whether yours is a full load. B&X got an estimate b/c their school only covered $4500, and B&X had to cover the rest. Needless to say, because of his bibliophilia, it was quite a bit more than that! Oh, and don't expect them to be delivering it to your Seattle apt right away either! Make sure you find out when they'll be dropping it off.

K. I'll go now.