Monday, September 22, 2008

Recent update

Since Shawn took a week of vacation and stayed here in Colorado last week, we actually were relatively busy (or at least Shawn was). He managed to get outdoors and do something fun almost every day last week! I guess I just wasn't in the mood to post much, though, so I'll try to do a recap today.

On Wednesday, our friend Jarid came "up the hill" and he and Shawn went biking in the open space park near our apartment. They were gone a few hours and then came back here for lunch. The original plan was for them to go back out biking at a different park in the afternoon, but Jarid's bike broke somehow (something got bent...), so they ended up just staying here and playing the Wii all afternoon.

On Thursday and Friday we didn't do much. I think Shawn went out biking at some point each day. Shawn actually went to bed around 8:00 on Friday night, and then he got up just after midnight. He was out the door before 1:00am to drive to Aspen to do a big hike. I, of course, stayed home and began worrying around 2:00pm. And of course, I had nothing to worry about. :) Shawn called me around 3:30, saying he'd already left Aspen and was on his way home. The hike just took longer than I expected. And apparently the drive up to the trailhead took longer than even Shawn was expecting. He said it was a rough drive, even for him in his Montero!

Saturday night, we had plans to have dinner with Jarid and Sarah. Originally, we thouht we would go to Oktoberfest in Denver. However, with the combination of Shawn being tired, having to park really far away from the festival, rain beginning to fall, and walking right past one of our favorite restaurants, we all decided to have pizza for dinner instead. Afterwards, we went back to Jarid and Sarah's to play a little MarioKart before heading back up the hill.

And finally Sunday...we didn't do much. We went to church, and Shawn took a nap while I watched football. Actually, he woke up towards the end of the first quarter of the Broncos game and finished watching the game with me. We then just lazed around the apartment until it was time to take him to the airport. Hopefully, this will be the last time I have to take him to the airport on a Sunday evening to fly to Seattle!!

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