Friday, September 12, 2008


Please pray for my knottie friend Jill. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last October, just two months before her wedding. She and J.T. were still able to get married, but it was a simple, scaled back wedding since she was too sick to handle the big affair. For the last few months, she was still having some issues, but overall seemed to be kicking the cancer's butt. She had surgery in June to remove the rest of the tumor in her abdomen, and even though the doctors had to take her spleen, one of her kidneys, and part of an intestine, I was under the impression that they thought they got all of it. Jill then had another medical issue a few weeks ago, and they were planning on doing surgery this past Monday to correct it. However, before she went in for surgery, the doctor came in and told her they weren't going to do it. Instead, he let Jill and her husband know that her recent symptoms are indicating to him the "end of her life cycle." In other words, there's nothing else the doctors believe they can do for Jill other than to make her comfortable until she dies.

Jill and her husband J.T. are praying for a miracle. Please join us in praying for that, too. Also, please pray for strength and for peace for both Jill and J.T. I can't imagine how hard this must be for them. Jill just turned 25 in August.



I'm so sorry. Please tell her that I am praying for her and for her husband and family, even though she has no idea who I am.

Stephanie said...

it just still gives me chills.