Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rugby and Rocks

Last Saturday, Shawn and I drove from Seattle up to British Columbia so that Shawn could play rugby. It was the first time I'd been in Canada in years, and I'd never been to BC. We've agreed that we'll have to go back soon. The games were played in a small town called Delta, and it was only about 10 miles north of the border. We could see Vancouver from across the fields, though.

I'll admit that it felt a little strange to watch Shawn playing for a different team. This should be fun, though. It's a long explanation, but basically, this team plays for a harder/better division than Shawn's team back in Denver. It will definitely mean more travel to games, since some of their games are against Canadian teams. We've been told that they always play one game each season up in some town in British Columbia that's a 5 hour drive north of the border (in addition to the 2 hours it takes to get to the border). What's especially fun, though, is that this team does play a game in Denver every year, too, so we'll definitely have to travel with the team for that game! (Shawn's wearing #1, by the way.)

We flew back to Colorado on Sunday and didn't do much on Monday. On Tuesday, we decided to go rock climbing. We went up to Eldorado Canyon. We didn't get much actual climbing in, so we're actually hoping to go again on Sunday afternoon. The picture I'm including isn't the rock we climbed this time, but we have climbed it before. And it was the inspiration for the groom's cake at our wedding. :)

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Kim & Ryan said...

You have such a cool life! =)

I've never even been to Canada......

Good luck to hubby with his new team.