Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crab Cakes

Since it's Lent, I need to make meatless meals on Fridays. This is a pretty big deal for me because both Shawn and I are definitely carnivores. I pretty much never cook without meat being the main course (or at least in the main course), and my version of cooking fish is putting the frozen fish filets in the oven. When I was looking online for some recipes to use during Lent, I came across this recipe for crab cakes.

For years, I would've told you that I dislike crab, and in particular I dislike crab cakes. I don't know how or when it happened exactly, but at some point over the last few years, I tried crab cakes and realized that I actually find them quite tasty! I think I might've first tasted them when Shawn and I went to the Capital Grille a couple years ago (such good food there!!).

I tried making the crab cakes last night. It's a super easy recipe, and is obviously "sponsored" by Kraft. :)

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl.

Then, form the mixture into patties. (I did discover last night that Shawn gets kinda grossed out by raw meat and mixtures like the crab cake mixture...he didn't want to look at it.) The patties should be refrigerated for about an hour.

Then, simply heat a skillet with cooking spray, and cook the cakes about 3 minutes on each side.
They ended up tasting pretty good! Some of the cakes didn't want to stay together in the skillet, but that was really the only problem I had. I do think I want to find another recipe that A) might stay together better, and B) doesn't "cheat" by using Stove Top stuffing. :)

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