Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry I've been MIA. Our good friends, Jarid and Sarah, came to visit us. They got here last Tuesday night, and they just left yesterday. Since they were on vacation, Shawn and I were kinda on vacation! Except that Shawn and I went to work during the day. :(

Shawn and I rented a car so that Jarid and Sarah wouldn't be stuck at our apartment during the day, and then the four of us hung out in the evenings. There was a lot more going out to eat than usual, but Jarid also cooked for us a few times. I felt a little bad letting him cook (and I didn't cook at all while they were here!), but it's something that he really enjoys doing.

On Saturday, Jarid, Sarah, and I went downtown while Shawn went to the rugby pitch to get ready for his game. The 3 of us stopped by Safeco Field so that I could buy my birthday present! Yes, my birthday was in October. :) But for my birthday, Shawn promised that we'd get a pair of tickets to all 3 games when the Indians are in town to play the Mariners in July. The tickets just went on sale about 10 days ago, and by purchasing them at the stadium, I saved about $27 in Ticketmaster fees! Then the 3 of us went down to the Market for lunch. We decided to stop at the Athenian Inn. It's right in the Market, and it has a gigantic menu. At least one scene from "Sleepless in Seattle" was also filmed here. We sat on the second floor and had great views of Elliott Bay. Unfortunately, the food was pretty bad. As an example, my "BBQ Beef" sandwich was a few slices of packaged roast beef covered in a little BBQ sauce and slapped on a sandwich bun. Blech. But then we went and watched Shawn play rugby and the rest of the day was good. :)

Sunday, we were supposed to go sea kayaking. Unfortunately, the guide called us early that morning to let us know that the weather wasn't going to cooperate. They were expecting lots of wind and a "small craft advisory" in the San Juan Islands. Not exactly ideal for amateurs to go kayaking. So instead we went downtown for lunch, and then we took the Seattle "Underground Tour." I had done it a few years ago, but none of the rest of them had. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, I highly recommend this tour. It's only 90 minutes, but it's pretty interesting, and it's actually pretty funny, too.

We took Jarid and Sarah to the airport last night. It was great to have them here, but I'm kinda looking forward to getting back into our normal working/eating/sleeping habits. And I'll try to get back into blogging more often. :)

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Kim said...

That's sounds like lots of fun. I've always wanted to visit Seattle, we'll have to do the Underground Tour when we do.

(and of course, meet up with you.)