Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend update

Shawn and I had a good, but busy, weekend. I spent Friday evening comparing the various apartments we've looked at. I think we've narrowed our choices down to one, but Shawn is going to look at one more place (a townhouse) today or tomorrow. So hopefully we'll have a lease signed within the next couple days!

On Saturday, Shawn and I got up early and headed down to Dick's Sporting Goods Park. The main stadium here is for the Colorado Rapids (Major League Soccer), but there are about 20 "satellite" fields that can be used for soccer, kids football...or rugby. We went down for a 7's rugby tournament. We were there all day, and Shawn got in a couple games, which made him happy. After the tournament, we went to church and got ourselves dinner. Then we headed over to the Blake Street Tavern, where the ruggers held a going away party for us! We had a really great time, and we stayed out until the place closed at 2:00am.

On Sunday, after sleeping in late, we made our first trip to Shawn's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Rich's house. Shawn's had a bunch of stuff stored in their basement for years now, so it's time to clean that out. We loaded up his car, and then headed home to unload it. It was this weekend that I learned that Shawn has 4 33-gallon Rubbermaid containers filled with comic books! Now that I know he has these, I'm thinking that might pay for a nice little vacation sometime soon. :) Or, if we're really lucky, a down payment on a house! Wouldn't that be a nice surprise? :)

We went back down to Kathy and Rich's to get the second load of stuff (fortunately, we got it all in 2 trips). We also had dinner with them. It was nice catching up with family before we leave!

This weekend, I sold 2 books on! I took those to the post office today, and this evening I started posting some things on craigslist that I'm hoping we can sell and get rid of before we move. Wish me luck! :)

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