Monday, July 7, 2008


We're moving to the Seattle area in less than a month! I think that both Shawn and I are a little nervous about making such a huge move. It seems like there are so many things that could potentially go wrong! The fact that I don't have a job and we haven't found a place to live yet probably isn't helping. :) When I was in Seattle, looking for apartments, just about every place I looked told me to call them on July 11th to find out what they'd have available for an August 1st lease date. So hopefully we'll have something figured out within the next week or so!

While we're waiting to find an apartment, we're trying to figure out the details of the actual move. We have an overflowing 2-bedroom apartment, and we also need to get two cars to Washington. After running some numbers yesterday and today, it's beginning to look like it might actually be cheaper to hire professional movers instead of trying to do it all ourselves! So one of my jobs this week is to find and choose a moving company. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I'm also starting to go through the apartment looking for things that we don't want to bother moving all the way to Seattle. So far, I'm planning on getting rid of a wedding dress (not the one I wore in our wedding), an old dresser, an upholstered chair, and possibly a desk. I'm hoping that Craigslist will soon be my friend! :)

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