Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carrie to the Rescue!

This weekend, I made plans with Jarid and Sarah for today. They were going to come up here around noon, and we were going to spend the afternoon hiking together. Then we'd go get food, and Jarid was going to grill us something good (he's a much better cook than either Sarah or I). While we ate dinner, we were all going to watch the All-Star game together.

I got a call around 11:45. Jarid's car had overheated trying to get "up the hill" on I-70. Carrie to the rescue!! I put on shoes, grabbed my purse, and headed to the store to buy some coolant. I drove down I-70, turned around, and met them on the side of the interstate. Unfortunately...his problems are apparently bigger than just being out of coolant. He's pretty sure there's a leak, but the coolant also isn't going into the engine...it's just sitting in the reservoir. So I headed back home, and they headed to the next exit so they could turn around. They only got about halfway to the exit when the car overheated again. So now they're doing the "let it cool, drive until it overheats, let it cool again" routine all the way back home.

So...I went on a run/walk to get some physical activity in today. Now I'm waiting to hear if they're going to come back up the hill later this afternoon in Sarah's car. If they don't want to do that, I'll go down to their place. I need to pick something up at REI anyways. Either way...we will be watching the All-Star game.

I have to admit...I get excited for the All-Star game every year, and almost every year I'm disappointed. You'd think that it would be an amazing game to watch, since it's 2 teams compromised of (theoretically) the best players currently playing baseball. But a lot of the guys are afraid of getting hurt during the game, so they sometimes don't play their best. Or it ends up just being a pitcher's duel (which, frankly, isn't all that fun to watch). It's changed a little bit in the last few years, now that the game actually "means something." The winner of the game (American League or National League) gets home field advantage in the World Series. That can definitely be a big deal!!

But this year, I know that I'll get to watch my Indians play in it. Grady Sizemore is getting to start in the outfield, and Cliff Lee is the starting AL pitcher!! Woo hoo!! It's always nice when my team gets some positive national attention!! :-)

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