Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gloucester, MA

After spending a few days in NYC, the four of us rented a car and set off for Massachusetts. We stayed in a hotel outside of Boston, which ended up working out really well for us. The first day there, we decided to head for the coast instead of the city.

Our main stop for the day was Gloucester. If you've seen the movie A Perfect Storm, you've seen Gloucester. This is the town where the fishermen live. We first stumbled onto a little beach. There were a few kids playing in the water, and I took of my sandals and walked in. That water was cold!! I can't imagine actually trying to swim in that!

In the main part of town, they have a couple statues in honor of the fishing tradition of this area. There is a statue that honors the fishermen, specifically those who have lost their lives at sea. There is also a statue that honors the wives and families of the fishermen, who wait and watch for the men to come home.

My favorite part of the town was the pier. It's built out of huge pieces of granite extending way out into the water. One side of the pier acts as a breaker. The other side is basically a wall, and people fish off of this side. There are also crab pots in the water, and lots of little boats on this calm side. On the end of the pier is a lighthouse and foghorn.

Before we left the town, we had lunch at a local restaurant (seafood, of course). Especially after a few days in New York, it was really nice to spend time in such a relaxing place! On our way back to the hotel, we drove through Salem, which is, of course, remembered most for the witch trials that took place there in the 1600s. Having taught The Crucible for a few years, it was interesting for me to see the town. I have to admit, was a bit creepy, the way they exploit everything "witch" related.

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KellieBelle said...

Yay!! I love Gloucester!!

And, yea, Salem takes a bit of getting used to. But, I love it!!Hmmm, should I be worried about that? LOL! Everyone is good-natured, loves their witches and it's real easy to pick out locals :)