Saturday, August 23, 2008

Or Maybe Not So Lucky

I think I might have jinxed Shawn with the post I wrote yesterday afternoon.

After work yesterday, Shawn headed to the airport in Seattle. Driving down I-5, he got a flat tire. Normally not a huge deal...the guy can change a tire. But apparently he was missing some tool that he needed to get the tire off (he told me what it was...I just don't remember what he said). So I gave him the information for our insurance's roadside assistance. Unfortunately, because this was the middle of rush hour (and because Seattle traffic is always bad), it took them a loooong time to get to where he was. By the time he had a usable tire again, he had 35 minutes to drop off the rental car, get to the airport, and catch his flight. He missed it by less than 10 minutes.
After talking with the ticketing agent and explaining the situation, she assured him that he had a confirmed seat on a flight to Denver today, but the flight didn't leave Seattle until 2:25, and he was welcome to fly standby on the morning flights. He checked in to a nearby hotel, and got up at 4:00am this morning to get to the airport in time to try to get on the first flight out. He didn't make it on. He also didn't make it on the 10:55 flight. When he went to get his boarding pass for the 2:25 flight, he was told that he didn't have a ticket. Apparently, instead of reserving a seat for him, somewhere along the way his entire ticket was cancelled. He actually thinks that the ticket agent today thought that he was lying and was trying to get a flat-out free ticket.He was able to call the special phone number for Summit members (people like him with super-duper frequent flyer status), and they were able to figure out what had happened. Unfortunately, flights to Denver are at a premium this weekend (what with the darn DNC being held here starting Monday), so the best they could do for him was get him a confirmed seat on the last flight out...the one he normally takes on Fridays that gets in near midnight. Apparently, they're also working on getting him an earlier flight some other way, even if it's on a different airline. But unless they can work some miracle, my poor husband is stuck at the Seattle airport for approximately 15 hours today.Like I said...I think I might've jinxed him. Sorry, love!

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Oh sure. Way to go. Strand the hubby in an airport for 15 hours. All because he gave you a head cold.