Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Few Days

How is it already Wednesday night?! Apparently, I've lost track of time lately. Here are some updates from our lives over the last few days.
On Sunday, after church, Shawn and I had a quick visit to the Evergreen Arts Festival. It was nice to find that he and I agreed on some gorgeous pieces of art that we would love to have in our house...if we had a house. And if the pictures didn't cost thousands of dollars sans frames! Sunday evening, we went to an engagement party for our friend Justin. Justin has played rugby with Shawn since they were in college, and he was also an usher at our wedding. He and his fiance, Rachel, aren't getting married until May 2010, but congrats to them!

Because Shawn wasn't able to get home until midnight Saturday night, he changed his return flight to Seattle and stayed home until Monday night. We didn't really do much on Monday, but it was so nice to have him at home with me on a weekday!

I've been doing a lot more reading lately. (I'm sure you're shocked.) I finally gave in and began reading the Twilight series that I've been hearing the hype for lately. It's a Young Adult series of books, so they're all quick reads. The main characters are Bella, a 17 year old human girl (well, she's 17 in the first book), and Edward, a Vampire who looks 18. They fall in love, but as you can imagine...there are some inherent problems in this relationship. It only took me a few days to read the first 3 books in the series. The 4th and final book only came out a few weeks ago, and I'll probably get it later this week. It's entertaining. :)

We have seen a little progress on the potential move. Shawn and I are feeling good about the way things have been going this week. If nothing else, we received confirmation today that the company will reimburse us for all our moving expenses! I'm actually planning on going out to Seattle with Shawn next week. Based on what we've learned in the last couple days, we might actually be able to go together to sign a lease while I'm out there! It'll be like we're a married couple or something! ;)

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Hooray for living in the same house together 7 days a week!! ;)