Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally Started

We made our decision to move to Seattle back in May. I made plans to get boxes from a friend of mine in June. I finally got those boxes about two weeks ago...in July. And now, finally, on August 12th...I have started packing! As I'm writing this, I've only packed two boxes of books so far, but hey, that's better than nothing, right? I decided to start with packing the books that are on the built-in bookshelves in our second bedroom. For one thing, those are things that I know I won't need to use in the next few weeks. For another thing, our second bedroom is currently acting as our storage/junk room! As I pack boxes, I'd like to be able to put them in that room so that they're out of the way. However, they way the room is now, there's nowhere to put anything else.

Part of the reason that I've only packed two boxes so far is that I got sidetracked. Imagine that. :) To give myself some extra room, I decided to take a few things to the dumpster (like the quilt that I dyed splotchy red a couple months ago). I also decided to finally throw out some leftover wedding supplies, like the paper and envelopes that we used for our invitations (Shawn designed them and we had a local printer print them), as well as the leftover RSVP cards we had made and the leftover favor boxes.

And then I made a glorious discovery. I knew that we had a cardboard box filled with favor boxes that had been assembled but never filled. I'm glad that I took the time to check the boxes, though...about 15 of them actually had chocolate in them!! For our wedding, each person was given a red box tied with a white ribbon. Each box was filled with 3 Lindt truffles and some Hershey's kisses. The best part of the leftover wedding favors that I didn't know existed? Lindt truffles are still good 8 months later!!


Stephanie said...

mmmm lindt truffles. i wouldnt even know what you were talking about but my coworkers gave me a bag of them for my birthday a month and a half ago (bad coworkers!!) there's still about 4 left (after sharing :)) and they keep taunting me daily. haha.


Hooray! Little red boxes tied with little white strings! Sounds like a fun project! ;)

Dad said...

A fun project indeed! Perhaps we should get together and try it some day. Those truffles were something to die for, or at least battle a snow storm in order to latch onto one of the boxes! But, if you had so many boxes left over, you could have brought one or two home to share with doting parents. Love, Dad