Friday, August 22, 2008

My Lucky Husband

Apparently, my husband is a very lucky person. Now, I'm sure when you read that, your immediate reaction was something along the lines of, "Of course he is! He married you!" ;)

However, apart from the obvious, Shawn apparently has some other good luck. A few weeks ago, he put his name into a drawing at a national electronics store. They called him today to let him know that he's won a brand new Xbox 360!
He's been wanting one for awhile now, and I keep telling him that we don't need 3 game systems. (He already has an older Xbox, and we have the Wii.) However, I suppose that if the thing is can I really object? I even bought him Halo 3 tonight as a little gift.Now if only he can figure out a way to win me a Wii Fit...


Caroline said...

I guess if it's free!

We also have far too many gaming systems and Arek wants PS3 and a WII... no need for both!

Hope he enjoys it and buys a game you'll like too!

Brent said...

Halo 3? Not bad, but Call of Duty 4 is the way to go. I bought both the same day i bought my 360... played COD4 so much i never took H3 out of the wrapper :) He needs COD4!!!