Friday, May 30, 2008

Tagged Again!

I was tagged by a friend of mine, so instead of trying to come up with my own creative topic, I figured I would take this opportunity to fill out the "tag survey." Here's some information about me:

Maybe I should – clean the apartment before Shawn comes home this weekend.
I love the smell of – wet paint, coffee, Safeguard soap.
People would say that I- am nice?
I don’t understand why – some students don't even attempt to pass my class (sorry...yesterday was the last day of school and grades were due today).
When I wake up in the morning – I love looking out my window and seeing green trees and sunny skies!
I lost my willpower to – cook when I'm alone.
Life is – unpredictable.
My past made me – grateful for lots of things...especially my wonderful husband!
I get annoyed when I – am stuck behind a really slow driver.
Parties are not a good time to – be tired.
Dogs are –cute, but kinda scary at the same time.
Cats are – wonderful, loving, and comforting.
Tomorrow is – Saturday. And apparently we're going to go watch rugby.
I have low tolerance for – people who are rude.
I’m totally terrified of - encountering a mountain lion while I'm alone.
I wonder why I thought my life would be – "normal."
I always knew I would –be a teacher.
Never in my life have I – eaten sushi.
High school was – generally a good experience, but I wouldn't want to relive it.
When I’m nervous- I chatter and eat/drink anything that happens to be in my hand.
One time at a family gathering – why am I blanking on this one?
Take my advice – if you have to talk someone into marrying you, that's not the person for you!
Making my bed- is easy.
I'm almost always – up for watching baseball...or sleeping.
I’m addicted to – the message boards on the knot and HGTV.
I want someone to – pay us for all the "stuff" we'll want to get rid of soon.

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