Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our "Wild" Weekend

Shawn and I had a great Memorial Day weekend. On Friday night, I went to the Rockies/Mets game with a group of friends. We had a great time, especially since the Rockies won in 13 innings! I didn't get to see the 13th, since I had to leave to pick up Shawn from the airport. On our way back through town, we met up with Jarid for a little bit, which we normally don't do. But it felt like being back in college again. :)
On Saturday, we mostly just took it easy. We did go to the house of one of my colleagues for a little party. Her house is up in the mountains, at about 10,000 feet of elevation! The house was gorgeous, and Shawn was in love with the view from the porch. The road getting there was a bit rough, though! There's no way my little car could've made it...you definitely need 4-wheel drive.

On Sunday, we decided to go for a hike. We left early Sunday morning, and before we'd even gotten out of town, we stopped the car to take pictures. What caught our attention was a white deer! We thought it was albino, but after getting a good look at it, I noticed there were a few little brown splotches on its face. I guess that makes it "piebald." This isn't "our" deer, but it looked something like this.
We also saw a fox right next to the little group of deer, so we were able to get some good pictures of him, too. Then, towards the end of our hike, we saw a family of marmots. One of them let us get within about 10 feet of him before scurrying into his hole. Again, this isn't the one we saw, but this is what a marmot looks like.
We attempted to summit Mt. Sherman, but frankly, I'm just a bit too out of shape to summit a fourteener in the snow. So we made it to an elevation of almost 13,000 feet before turning around. I was VERY tired by the time we got back to the car! It's a bit disappointing, though, getting that high but not making the summit. I think that this is one mountain we'll have to try again sometime this summer.

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