Friday, May 9, 2008

More Travel!

I was really bummed tonight to learn that Shawn missed his originally scheduled flight home from Seattle, which would've given him an 8:10 arrival. Instead, he'll be arriving around midnight.

Instead of sitting around moping, I decided to do a little research for our next big trip! In June, we'll be heading out East with Jarid and Sarah. The plan is to spend a few days in NYC and a few days in Boston. We currently have 4 tickets to a game at Yankee Stadium (had to do it this year, since this is the final season there!); Shawn and I are also planning on getting tickets to a game at Fenway.
Tonight, I was mainly checking out transportation options. We're trying to spend as little as possible on transportation, which I'm discovering is a bit difficult, considering our destinations! We had thought it would be fun to take a train from NYC to Boston, and then just rent a car in Beantown. However, that's looking like it's much more expensive than we had thought it would be. Fortunately, there's a Thrifty (actually, two of them) in Manhattan, so we'll probably just rent a car there and drive to Boston.

Once we get the details down about how we're getting where at what times, then it'll be time to decide what we'll do while we're there! That might prove to be the truly tricky part...getting 4 people to agree on what to do when! At least we have the baseball games decided on (and a tour of Yankee Stadium), and I know that both Sarah and I really want to go to the Met. We're both big fans of Impressionist paintings, and she's never been there.

If anyone has any suggestions for things we should do or see in either city, let me know!

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