Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Sunday

On Sunday, Shawn and I had a few things planned for ourselves. Then we found out that Jarid and Sarah were free all day, so we agreed to spend most of the day with them. After going to Mass, Shawn and I first stopped at the mall to check out cell phones plans. We think we know what we're going to go with, but we didn't actually get new phones or sign up for a new plan. Maybe next weekend.

The main highlight of the day was supposed to be the Denver Art Museum. An exhibit has been there since February that I've been wanting to see. It's the "Inspiring Impressionism" exhibit, and it closes in Denver this next weekend. We weren't able to purchase our tickets online because we're out of printer ink (and it had to be "print at home"...no will call option). We met Jarid and Sarah in the parking garage and headed inside. However, we were informed that the exhibit was sold out for the rest of the day (they only allow a limited number of people inside at every admission time).

Since we were already downtown, we agreed to go to REI next. I needed to pick up a pair of shoes that I had ordered online and that arrived there last week. Shawn wanted a new backpack. He ended up getting this one (Osprey Switch 26) basically for free using his 2007 REI dividend...it's great being a member of a co-op!Since we missed out on the art exhibit, I had the idea to go to the Downtown Aquarium. I'd never been there before, and Shawn hadn't been there since it had been remodeled. It was really cool! Not only did they have lots of different fish, but the whole building has a cool design. I'm always amazed to see just how many different creatures live underwater on our planet! So many different colors, patterns, body structures.After the Aquarium, Shawn and I took Jarid and Sarah out to dinner at the Squealing Pig, a really good Irish restaurant. It was Sarah's graduation dinner, and we all ate way more than we should have. My favorite dish there is the Shepherd's Pie! After dinner, Sarah and I walked a block away to get gelato......always save room for gelato! :)
After dinner, we went back to their house to play the Wii for a couple hours. And that was our jam-packed Sunday!!

(P.S.- Only 6 more days of school for me!!)


sherbieface said...

That sounds like the perfect day, and the weather was great on Sunday!


Mmmmm . . . gelato . . .

Did I ever take you to the gelato place in Annapolis? That was really the best gelato I think I've ever had!