Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meet our Pets

I am very definitely a "cat person." I love cats. Unfortunately, my little girl, Isis, had to be put to sleep in August of 2006. I still miss her sometimes. :( And unfortunately for me, Shawn is very allergic to cats. So until we decide it's worth it to spend $3000 to buy one of the genetically-altered, hypoallergenic cats, we will have no more cats. Shawn is definitely a dog person. I have agreed that once he and I actually live full time in the same state, we can look into getting a dog. Here's hoping that happens soon!
In the meantime...we have fish. The tank actually originally belonged to Jarid, and it was passed on to Shawn a few years ago. It's pretty big, but I'm not sure what size. 30 gallon? We do have a fun variety of boring old gold fish for us.

We have a couple rasboras, which are pretty mellow. We have one "mutant" fish left. It's basically a neon orange. Then we have 4 silver hatchets. Sometimes the hatchets just float there, almost motionless. Other times, they zoom around the tank so fast it's hard to keep your eye on them. Unfortunately, these little guys do occasionally like to jump, and their body shape makes it easy for them to "fly" out of the tank.
We have loaches, but we're not sure how many. The "problem" with loaches is that they love to hide. The oldest one, the kuhli loach (striped), will often go months on end without ever being seen, and then we'll catch a quick glimpse of him as he moves around a rock. The golden dojo loach is a little more sociable, and he tends to hang out in weird places around the tank.
Then we have two ghost catfish. They're pretty much clear and love hanging out in the shadows of the tank.
The coolest fish we have, though, is hands down the black ghost knife. This guy can grow up to 20" long; ours is about 7" right now. It's actually found in rivers in South America, and it is characterized by one long fin that goes down the length of its stomach. It can swim forwards or backwards, and will even swim upside down! It's almost blind, so it searches for food by sending out little electrical pulses.
Now, the question will the heck do we move these guys if we end up moving to Seattle?!

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KellieBelle said...

I have been wondering the same thing about my fish! How do you move them?? I'm looking for someone to adopt, or considering a large tupperware dish I can keep in the cab with us.