Monday, May 12, 2008

Myanmar Cyclone

I've known my friend Greg for about 6 years now. We've worked together at the Pepsi Center Box Office for 6 seasons, and we also worked together for 2 seasons at the Coors Field Box Office. In 2007, he and his wife took a trip to Myanmar. From what I remember, they just wanted to go somewhere different, and they also collected lots of little things that they took with them to give to people that they met. I remember that Greg was really moved by his experience in Myanmar, particularly by the people that he met. More recently, he and his wife took a similar trip to Peru.

After these two trips, Greg decided to quit his full-time job so that he and his wife could start a non-profit organization. "Sense the World" was born earlier this year, with a goal of delivering donated goods related to the senses (hearing aids, glasses, toothpaste, etc...) to third world countries.

Obviously, the country of Myanmar was recently hit hard by Cyclone Nargis. Greg was able to make contact with his friend who is the director of a daycare/school in Thanlyin. These pictures I'm including were sent to Greg from his friend in Myanmar. This is what used to be part of the Daycare:

This is what used to be the Daycare/School's kitchen:

I'm sure everyone has heard about the difficulties in getting any aid into Myanmar. Greg is hoping that he'll be able to use his connection in country to get some aid to Thanlyin relatively quickly. The Denver ABC affiliate ran a story about Greg's organization that you can read here:

For more information, or to donate to their cause, check out their website:
Also, if you and I are "friends" on facebook, ask me how you can add "Sense the World" as a cause on your facebook page.

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