Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Update

On Friday, I flew out to Washington state instead of Shawn flying home to Denver. I'll be out here for the week. On Friday night, after picking me up from the airport, Shawn and I were pleasantly surprised to see that there was actually a gorgeous sunset over Seattle! I don't remember ever seeing enough sun to get a good sunset here. :)

On Saturday, we thought about going whale watching. Unfortunately, it's apparently a popular thing to do this time of year, so the place we want to go through was booked solid this weekend. Actually, that's not entirely true. The company decided to do a 9:30am trip on Saturday instead of their normally scheduled noon trip. (They had a wedding to go to...nice thing about owning your own small business!) But by the time we knew that, there was no way we'd have time to drive up there in time to catch the boat. And the Sunday trip was booked. Oh well...there will be whales another time. :)

So on Saturday, Shawn and I spent some time in Kirkland. I really liked the town! It seems more like the kind of place we'd like to live. Specifically, we really liked the area of "Juanita Beach." We actually looked into a really nice apartment. Although we would love to live there, we've decided it's out of our price range. So instead, it's now my mission to find a place that's the size and price of the apartments we found in Lynnwood, but in Kirkland instead. Preferrably near Juanita Beach. Wish us luck. :)

On Sunday, we spent a couple hours at the Pike Market. I never really get tired of going there, even when it's crowded like it was yesterday. Shawn and I have agreed, though, that if we ever lived there, we'd get really fat really quickly! There's so much good food to buy there! We limited ourselves yesterday to a salmon sandwich and clam chowder (just for Shawn...for his lunch), a big bunch of fresh grapes, some fresh pears, 2 cheesecake truffles, a miniature peanut butter/chocolate cheesecake (cheesecake was from "The Confectional"), and a canoli. We also found a great store that makes "Hand-made, recycled home decor." We want to remember this place so that we can buy some things once we've moved out here. Our favorites were a set of bookshelves and some lamps made out of bamboo and cloth.

That was pretty much our weekend! Shawn's back at work this week, of course, so I'm on my own during the days. We'll see what I can find to keep myself busy. :)

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