Monday, June 30, 2008

The Met - sort of

Last week, Shawn and I flew with our friends to New York City. We took a red eye flight, so we arrived at our hotel by 8:30 on Friday morning. We left our bags at the hotel, got some breakfast, and started walking. We started on W 32nd St in Manhattan, and we walked all the way up 5th Ave to Central Park. After wandering through the park, we hit the one place Sarah and I really wanted to go to...The Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka - The Met. Sarah and I both really like Impressionist Art, so most of our time there was spent in the European paintings rooms. It was wonderful! I could spend all day staring at one or two Monets or Van Goghs, and here I was able to see painting after painting.

After we had lunch in the museum's cafeteria, we went up to the roof, which I hadn't been up to before. Right now, there is an exhibit called "Jeff Koons on the Roof." So we were able to see a few interesting sculptures, and we were also able to get a great view of Central Park and Manhattan.

The sculptures were definitely different. This picture is basically the view of Central Park and a sculpture called "Sacred Heart" (I think).

My favorite up here is the "balloon dog." I have no idea what the sculpture's actual name is, but it really looks like a gigantic, shiny balloon dog. In the second picture, you can see Shawn taking a picture of himself in the reflection of the dog.

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