Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy Day!

I've had a wonderfully busy day today! I started by getting up at 7:00 (which is amazing considering that I'm NOT a morning person). I met my friend Kate in the parking lot of our condo, and we headed out for a morning hike. She likes to run on the major downhill portion of the trail, which I always thought was odd. But after doing it with her each of the last two quads are killing me!! Apparently, it's more of a work-out than I gave it credit for.

After our morning exercise, I showered and headed out. First stop was Jared, where I needed them to rhodium-plate my rings. Apparently, the guy who cleaned them for me last week forgot the rhodium, which left them looking yellow (instead of silver, as white gold should look). Then I went to REI and bought this cute bag I've been thinking about getting for a couple weeks. Should be perfect size for traveling...I hate large bags, but it's big enough to hold a book or a subway map.Then I met Jarid and Sarah for lunch at their favorite place, McLoughlin's. Great burger. Then the 3 of us went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We went for their "Gold" exhibit, but when they learned I'd never been to the museum, we all agreed to check out other parts of it, too. The special exhibit was pretty good; the rest of the museum was okay. I'd love to go back with Shawn sometime, who probably has more appreciation for things like space and nature. :)Once I came home, I started multi-tasking. I made myself dinner (reheated chicken from last night and freshly steamed broccoli). Then I watched the hockey game (boo Red Wings!!), kept an eye on the Indians/Rangers score online (yay Indians!! 15-6 in the 8th!), chatted with my knotties, and worked on the online application for my Washington state teaching license. Unfortunately, the important task was the license application, and I seem to be having issues with their website. It's only been letting me submit a page or two at a time, then I have to log off, log back in, and forward through to the page I left off on. As of now, all I have to do is officially review what I've entered and submit the darn thing...and I can't get there. That's frustrating. But at least I know that I can submit the rest of the paperwork in person...I'll be in Seattle with Shawn next week!

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