Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fit before 30 I will be 30 in 4 months and 16 days. I've recently decided that I need to get into shape, and I decided that turning 30 is a good occasion to get ready for.
Last week, my friend Kate and I met a couple times to hike the open space park near our condo. Hopefully, we can get into the habit of doing this, as it's a gorgeous place to be and a good workout. This is mainly walking/hiking and a bit of trail running. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I'm afraid to go out here by myself, as I'm terrified of seeing a mountain lion.

Today, a group of my friends decided to start our own private "team" on I'm excited about this! It's a way for all of us to help each other get/stay motivated as we watch what we eat, get stronger, and overall become healthier women. The site has message boards, a place to log what we eat and how much we work out (which is public, by the way, so our "team" can help check up on us), and articles for tips on getting healthy. It also has a place to find out the nutritional information for all different kinds of food.

This week, I'm living at the hotel with Shawn. While it's great to have maid service cleaning up after me, it makes it a bit more difficult to stay healthy. Although I started my morning with french toast sticks and sausage at the free breakfast, I made up for it by doing 45 minutes on the treadmill. I also ate a Lean Cuisine panini sandwich for lunch instead of getting fast food.

As I count down the days to the end of my 20s, I'd really like to have some goals to aim for. I would like to be able to run at least a 5K (some of my friends have suggested a half-marathon...we'll see how my knees hold up!). If you have any other suggestions for goals I should aim for, feel free to leave a comment!


Richard Walters said...

Carrie...Don't rush yourself into being 30 just yet! Your mother still likes to say she has a daughter in her 20s. Seriously, though, it is a pleasure to us to see you getting so physically active -- and we credit Shawn for this. Keep up all this good work. Enjoy your life. Have fun, and as is said "take time to smell the roses." Love, Dad

Rock Shannon said...

Actually I'm a bit worried. I think if she started getting fit she'd start flying past me up the hill.

Of course then she'll have to carry her own backpack, and I'll load it with rocks!