Thursday, June 19, 2008

Game 2 Wednesday's game was better than Tuesday's. But we still lost. :( Our pitching was obviously better this time, and there were some great defensive plays. Now if only we could get some offense going...

I took my camera last night, so I have a couple pictures to post. I'm not a big fan of taking "action shots" during a game, though, so these were just pictures of the team warming up. I think that's my favorite part about where these seats were...I was sitting really close to where the Indians were warming up. I was actually sitting in my seat when I took these...I just used the regular zoom on the camera. We were 6 rows off the field last night. The guys in the pictures are Grady Sizemore and Casey Blake - probably my two current favorite Indians.
I'm definitely getting in lots of baseball in a short period. I went to the games at Coors Field on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I'm going again tonight. As soon as the game's over tonight, I'm headed to the airport, where we're catching the red-eye to NYC! We'll be seeing game at Yankee Stadium while we're there, and then we're also going to Boston. We'll get a game at Fenway, too! I'll have to post pics of those games/stadiums when we get back.

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