Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I decided to take the day off from school today. Yes, I do realize that I just had a week of spring break last week, but Shawn and I had planned on returning from Seattle on Thursday afternoon. Instead, we didn't come back until late Friday night. Since there are some things that I needed to do that just can't be done while I'm at work, I decided to give myself a day at home by myself.

I started my day by sleeping almost 2 hours later than I meant to. Oops. What can I say...I love to sleep. :) But then, I went on a cleaning spree. 8 hours later, I'm proud to say that our condo is now almost completely clean! Now, I'll admit that I took breaks here and there. I kept up with the message board on The Knot (my not-so-secret addiction). I watched the Rockies home opener. I treated myself to Domino's pizza for dinner just so I could get some CinnaStix.

One of my big goals today was to do laundry. I did three loads, including a quilted comforter which I think I may have ruined. Don't's just a store-bought quilt that we were only keeping to use as a back-up or for guests. But I'm now not sure that it was supposed to be machine washed. I think that the maroon squares bled onto the cream squares. Oops. For the next 5 or 6 hours, we have an empty laundry basket. Then Shawn will come home and empty his suitcase from the week, and I'll have more laundry to do. But that's okay...I actually enjoy doing "our" laundry.

I also managed to completely clean out our bedroom, including throwing away quite a few things, organizing my shoes, and putting away things like a suitcase and some towels that we received for the wedding. Wood laminate flooring throughout the entire condo, so they all got dry mopped (including my laying on the floor to get all the little dust bunnies out from under the bed) and then wet mopped. I actually stored away a couple things from the wedding that were still in the living room. I vacuumed the area rug. I washed a set of dishes that we received for the wedding. I scrubbed the tub and shower. I cleaned off the coffee table, including putting some of our engagement photos in frames that I've been meaning to do for months.

I'm not entirely done. There's still dusting that needs to be done, and I wasn't able to clean the bathroom floor since the washing machine was pulled out and in use. Maybe I'll leave those for Shawn to do this weekend.

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