Friday, April 25, 2008


This is going to be the first weekend in a couple months that Shawn and I won't be seeing each other. For a few months now, Shawn has been planning on going to Missoula, Montana this weekend with his team for "Maggotfest" (don't worry too's a rugby tournament). So I decided a few weeks ago that I should take the opportunity and go home to Ohio to visit my family, since I wouldn't be seeing Shawn anyways. Of course, Shawn hurt his back playing rugby last weekend, so as of now, he still hasn't decided if he's going to go to Montana this weekend or just come home to Colorado and take it easy. But either way...I'm going to Ohio.

I'm heading out tonight and flying to Akron. I get motion sick very easily, so I already took my Dramamine. Since I took it so early, I'm hoping that I won't be quite as tired on the plane, and I'm hoping that I won't be jet-lagged and tired all weekend. Maybe I'll get some papers graded. Or at least get to read part of a book.

I don't think that we really have any plans for the weekend, so it might end up being a bit boring. But at least I'll get to spend some time with my family, who I haven't seen since the day after the wedding. And I took the day off work on Monday, so it'll be nice to get a 3-day weekend! I have to leave for the airport in about 15 minutes, and I haven't finished packing yet. Guess I should do that!

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