Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just playing around

First thing this morning, Shawn and I found out that his rugby match for today had been cancelled. Although Shawn especially was bummed that there would be no rugby, we decided it would be a nice day to just take things easy and hang out together. We decided to start our day by playing the Wii.

Before he left Seattle on Thursday, Shawn picked up a copy of a game called "Rayman Raving Rabbids 2." I'm a bit ashamed to admit how long we spent playing this I won't. But I will say that it's a lot of fun! One option with this game is to play against the computer or against each other in little "mini-games." For this option, each player gets to choose a "rabbid" that you play with. (A "rabbid" is a cartoon rabbit with buck teeth that, frankly, is a bit crazy.) Granted, some of the games are a bit making the rabbids fly through a canyon using the power of their farts. But there's nothing wrong with being a little child-like from time to time.

The other option with this game is to work together in "shooting games." For these games, the object is to shoot the crazy rabbids...with toilet plungers. One of the interesting things about the shooting games is that the backdrops are actual "real-life" settings. Instead of cartoons, they're more like live-action shots of places like Central Park or Paris.

Quite awhile ago, Shawn and I had decided that there is just something inherently funny about cartoon squirrels (see the movie Over the Hedge for a perfect illustration of this). Apparently, crazy cartoon "rabbids" fall into that category, too.

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