Thursday, April 9, 2009

Visit Home

I just got back to Washington last night after spending a few days in Ohio visiting my family. I flew out there Sunday afternoon/night (my flight left Seattle at 2:40 and I arrived in Akron at 11:40ish). Flying west to east is always a bit annoying, since you lose 3 hours of the day because of the time zone difference.

I didn't really do much while I was home, but that's okay. I hadn't made any plans. My main point in taking the trip was to meet my future sister-in-law (before my brother's wedding in June), and I just wanted to spend time with the family. After spending a few days at home, I think that my brother's fiance seems like a nice girl...and he seems happy. :) I think that both she and I tend to be a little quiet around people we don't know very well, but I think we'll get along pretty well. My brother keeps telling me how much Leslie and I have in common, so it'll be nice getting to know her better over the next few months/years.

My niece ended up being at my parents' house most of the time that I was there. This was a nice surprise, but unfortunately, she was there so much because she was sick. So she really wasn't her usual bubbly, adorable self for most of Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday she finally started behaving more "normal." She'll be 3 in May, and I'm looking forward to getting to hang out with her more when we're all in NC for my brother's wedding in June.

And that's about it! I wish it could've been a longer trip home, but a quick trip is definitely better than nothing. I'll get to spend about a week with my family in June, which will be nice.

Since this is spring break, I still get to relax a little at home before I have to go back to work on Monday. Tonight, I'll be going to the young adults' group meeting at church (after Holy Thursday Mass) while Shawn goes to rugby practice.

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