Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meeting People

Do you ever find yourself assuming that people who write blogs are outgoing individuals? With the blogs I read, I think I tend to assume that the writers of those blogs would be the life of the party. Someone who has no problem chatting it up with people they barely know. Someone who's good at small talk.

I'm not really sure why I assume that about bloggers, because that's certainly not me! I'm not painfully shy, but I am an introvert. Sure, I can carry on a conversation with someone, and I have no problem standing up and talking in front of a group of people. However, I'm not one to just strike up a conversation (let alone a friendship) with some random person. Because of this, and because of not working until recently, I don't have an easy time making friends. Where am I supposed to meet people if I'm not in school and I don't have a job? That's one reason I've been enjoying the book club...even if it only meets once a month, that's something!

So I was absolutely thrilled last weekend when an announcement was made at church...a young adults' group is starting up! One thing that I've really missed over the last few years is friends that share my faith. When we first started talking about moving, I told Shawn that I really wanted to find a church that would have opportunities for us to get involved, and it would be even better if they had a class or something that would be geared towards our age group.

The first meeting of the new group was tonight. There were about 15 or 20 people who came, many of whom were young married couples. Ironically, it seemed like the majority of people were either engineers or teachers! In addition to dinner, tonight's meeting was basically a get-to-know-you meeting, as well as a time to talk about what the plan is for the group. I know that first impressions can be misleading, but I have a feeling that there are at least a few people in the group that Shawn and I would get along with really well. And I think the group leaders have the right's going to be a mix of spiritual growth activities and socializing!

So I'm really excited about this. I think this is going to be the perfect opportunity to start making some good friends in this area, and the huge bonus is that it will also help me in my spiritual growth as well!


Heather said...

That is great Carrie. I have a hard time striking up conversations with people I don't know either. I wish that George and I knew more married couples that were our age.

I hope you and Shawn get to know more people.


That's fantastic! I hope you meet lots of really great people! Are you still flying home soon? Keep me posted. Eilidh has yet to make her appearance . . .

Stephanie said...

that is AWESOME carrie!! our bible study started out with about 20 people 2 years ago and the followship was GREAT especially since i was new to the area. hope you love it!!