Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Sunday!

We had a really great day on Sunday! We started out by getting up and going to an earlier Mass than normal. After Mass, a couple we've recently become friends with invited us to go out to brunch with them, so we did. It's nice having friends in the area!

After brunch, we headed towards downtown. We thought about going to Pike Market, but we decided to skip it and just head to Gas Works Park. We decided first, though, to go find the Fremont Troll. Fremont is a neighborhood in Seattle, and in 1990, four area artists sculpted a huge troll under a bridge. You can read the story here. It was pretty easy to find, and of course Shawn had to climb up onto its head. :)
After visiting the troll, we went to Gas Works Park. This is an area on the north shore of Lake Union (across the lake from downtown) that used to be a plant to manufacture gas from coal. The land is now owned by the city, and most of the original gas works are still there (hence the name). We had a fun time just relaxing in the sun and throwing the frisbee around.On our way home, we made a trip to the garden center to finally buy some pots, soil, plants, and seeds! I'll post pics of all that later this week.
Then, in the evening, we "recreated" our first date. We went to Boston's for some pizza, and then we played a few games of pool before heading home. It was definitely an awesome Sunday!

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