Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter

I just realized that I never actually said anything about our Easter celebration. We had a good day. We had been planning on starting the day with a little rock climbing, but it was raining pretty steadily, and wet rocks tend to be pretty slippery.

Remember I mentioned that a new young adults' group has been started at church? Well, one of the couples who is "in charge" of the group (Annie and Tony) invited us to their house for Easter dinner, so that's where we went! We had a really good time. There were about 12 people there at some point (not everyone could stay the entire time), and everyone brought food to share. We had good conversations and played some fun games. Shawn and I were both pretty good at Apples to Apples (which neither of us had played before), but then another couple showed up and that guy was unbeatable. We also played a few rounds of Spoons. That's another fun game that I had only ever played once before...at Shawn's aunt and uncle's house last Easter!

It was really nice hanging out with and getting to know people our age (more or less) in this area. We've definitely missed our Colorado friends since moving out here, so I'm really glad to begin making some new ones! We learned something interesting about the couple who hosted Easter dinner. They were just married in February, and since she's a teacher, they're waiting until this summer to take their honeymoon. Turns out, they're going to the exact same resort in Jamaica that Shawn and I went to on our honeymoon!

Since everyone was asked to bring food, I tried to do my part. I made and brought dinner rolls, the same kind I made at Thanksgiving. I'll admit it on here...I used a dry mix for the rolls instead of making them from scratch. It's like a cake mix...you just add the wet ingredients to make the dough. But I did also have to add the herbs (I chose to make the "herbed" version), knead the dough, let it rest, shape the rolls, and let them rise before baking. So when Annie asked what I put in them, I let her think I made them from scratch. Close enough. [:)]

I also made my friend Ashlee's Mexican Wedding Cookies. I made them back in December for that book club meeting that never took place.
And just to make sure we had enough dessert, I decided to make cupcakes, too. I used the Williams Sonoma recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes, which I also got from Ashlee's blog. And then I used canned frosting. [:)] (Speaking of which...I just might have to go get a spoonful of that frosting from the fridge. Can't let it go to waste!)

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Such a domestic diva! How *did* Shawn manage to lose all that weight???