Saturday, April 25, 2009

4 Years

Today is April 25th. Four years ago today on April 25th, 2005, Shawn and I met and went on our first date. Yes, you read that right. Since we technically "met" online, our first date was also the first date we met in person. It was a really fun, wonderful date. :)

We met for dinner at the Wazee Supper Club in downtown Denver. It's a fun restaurant with really good pizza. Here is a picture of the place. In this picture, you can actually see where we were sitting. :) We were against the windows, just to the right of those doors you can see to that blue light (to the right of it).
After sharing a yummy pepperoni pizza and enjoying our conversation, we decided to walk a few blocks away to the Wynkoop Brewery. On the upper floor, they have pool tables and foosball tables, so we played pool for a couple of hours. Neither of us is very good at pool, but we had lots of fun anyways. There was lots of laughter and flirtation, and we ended up staying there until they closed the place (at midnight). That was on a Monday night, and I had school the next morning! But I think it was well worth it. :)
We obviously really hit it off that night...and it's been an absolutely wonderful four years!!


Shawn said...

you forgot to mention I was able to fling a cue ball off the far side of the table!

Carrie said...

I just wasn't sure how to bring it up. :) At least it didn't actually land on table next to us...just kinda close to it.

The Bumbles said...

Sweet tale - sounds like fate to me. It also sounds like 2 really cool places to visit if we are ever in Denver :0)