Monday, January 26, 2009


If you've read this post, you know that I finally had a substitute job a little while ago. The first job I had out here was a half day assignment in a 7th grade English class. I must have done a decent job, because the next day, the teacher called me. She said that she was going to have a week-long absence, and she wanted to know if I'd take the job. Considering I haven't worked at all since moving here, I figured I could handle working for a week, so I said yes.

So today, I worked my first full day since the beginning of last June! It went pretty well. This teacher has an interesting schedule. She has one group of 15 students in the morning...for 3 periods in a row. It's an English/Social Studies/Reading class, and I think the students will be doing pretty much the same thing all week. Then there's a break of about an hour and a half for the teacher's planning period and lunch. In the afternoon, the teacher has one group of about 30 students for the last two periods (technically Social Studies one period, English the other period). I thought they were all relatively well-behaved today (for 7th graders), and I think that they'll be working on a project for the majority of the rest of the week.

Last week, I also attended an orientation meeting for substitutes in another district. In this area, I've discovered that the districts are so small, you really need to get on multiple sub lists if you want to work. I should officially be activated to sub in that district by the end of this week...but I already got an interesting call. I interviewed with a director of Human Resources in order to get on the sub list. He apparently passed my resume on to an Assistant Principal at one of their high schools, and the AP called me last week. They have an English teacher who will be going on maternity leave in March and will be out the rest of the school year. He pretty much offered me the long-term sub job over the phone based solely on my resume! I'm going to go talk with him and with the teacher next Monday. I have a few concerns (such as the fact that I would have to miss the last couple days of school in order to make it to my brother's wedding in North Carolina), but if all my questions and concerns are addressed, I'll probably take the job. Again, I don't really love the idea of working full time, but it would be a decent chunk of money to put into our savings account! :)

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