Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Social Weekend

Shawn and I ended up having a rather busy, fun weekend! On both Friday and Saturday, I spent quite a bit of time baking, writing Christmas cards, and reading. Shawn came home from work a little early on Friday since he was feeling a bit under the weather, but we were still able to go out to dinner on Friday night. We met up with my nestie friend Elizabeth and her husband, Jeff. We went to a restaurant called the Diamond Knot Brewery, which is a place that Shawn stumbled across a few years ago when he first started traveling out here. What's unique about it is that most of the food comes out raw. Yes, you read that right. The raw food is brought out on a special plate that has a very hot stone in the middle of it, and you cook your food yourself at your table. We agree that it's a little funny since you pay quite a bit and wait quite awhile for raw food that you cook yourself, but it's still kinda fun. Here's a pic of what the food looks like when it's first served.
On Saturday, while I was baking, Shawn was a wonderful husband and helped me clean up the apartment. Then we went to church and came home to get ready for a party! We went over to the home of one of Shawn's bosses. Apparently, they throw a big holiday party every year, and it was a lot of fun! Their house was beautiful, and they did a great job decorating. I was able to meet some of the people that Shawn works with, and hopefully we'll get to hang out with some of them again soon. We've also agreed that we'd love to dogsit for them next time they go out of town! That way, we could hang out with their adorable English Setter Spaniels and also enjoy their awesome deck and hot tub!!

While we were at the party, it was actually snowing! The Seattle area normally doesn't get much snow, so it was really nice to watch the flakes fall last night. We only got an inch or two, but since it's such a wet snow, it stuck to everything and was really beautiful! This is what we woke up to this morning.

This afternoon, I was supposed to be hosting a book club meeting. That's why I did a lot of baking last week, and why Shawn helped me clean the apartment on Saturday. However...since this area doesn't normally get snow, most people around here don't like to drive in it. Granted, it can get really icy and there are lots of hills that can be scary to drive on. But I got everything ready and the table all set up for the book club girls. 1:00 rolled around, and I was alone. When it hit 1:15, I turned on the Broncos game (which was actually on TV here!). At 1:30, Shawn called to ask me a question, and I told him no one had come. So he decided to come home, and I ordered a pizza.

Oh well. Instead of a book club, I hung out with my husband and watched the Broncos game. I also was able to finish writing all of the Christmas Shawn just needs to sign them and I need to address them. I'll blog later this week about all the goodies I made for the book club meeting that never happened!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!!