Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Kreativ...Who Knew?!

Those of you who tend to read a lot of blogs have likely seen these various blogging "awards" that go around. They're actually kinda like blogging chain letters...someone tags you, and then you pass the award on to other bloggers by tagging them. Jennifer over at This Girl Loves Pink tagged me with...the Kreativ Blogger award!
I've seen this particular award done a couple different ways, but I'll stick to what Jennifer had on her blog (besides, it's easier than the other ways I've seen!). I simply name 6 things that make me happy, and then I tag 6 other bloggers to give the award to. So...here we go!

6 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. My wonderful husband, Shawn. I feel like I should be allowed to list 6 reasons that Shawn makes me happy, but for now, I'll just stick with making him the first one on my list.

  2. Our apartment. Shawn and I agree...we feel so grown up now, living here! It's definitely an adult's apartment, not just some random college guy's or single girl's place.

  3. My family. In the same way that I'm only putting Shawn down as a single "thing" that makes me happy, I'm putting my entire family as one "thing." My parents are wonderful people who I wish I could see more often. My niece is the most adorable thing ever. My brother's a pretty cool guy, and he's getting married soon to a girl who I've been told is pretty darn cool, too.

  4. My in-laws. Yep, I'm totally serious about this one. I know that a lot of people joke about not liking their mother-in-law, but mine is wonderful. And Shawn's brother and sister-in-law are really great people, too, with two fun and adorable little boys.

  5. Books. As a kid, I loved to read (enough that I majored in English Lit). But for a long time, it seemed like I couldn't find the time to read. This year, I made a "resolution" to read more...and I'm currently on Book #39 for 2008!

  6. Nature. I've never been a super outdoorsy person, so this is definitely one thing that I need to thank Shawn for. I'm not as into it as he is, but I really do enjoy getting out into nature and seeing the beauty of God's earth.

So, now I need to tag 6 other bloggers to receive the Kreativ Blogger award! Some of these people may have received this before, but here's who I'm choosing:

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