Monday, December 22, 2008

The next week

As I explained in my post a few days ago, the weather around here has been rather unusual. Unfortunately, this has been affecting travel for a lot of people. Since Seattle isn't accustomed to needing to do snow removal, they simply don't have the man power or the plows to keep the roads clear and safe. And at the airport, I believe I heard that they ran out of de-icer!! Yesterday, quite a few airlines canceled all of their flights in and out of Seattle for the afternoon and evening. This also threw off their schedules for today, as the planes weren't at the right airports, so there were more flights that were canceled today.

Why am I explaining this? Because Shawn and I are supposed to be flying out of Seattle tomorrow morning! We'll need to leave pretty early in the morning to drive down to the airport, where we'll then hopefully catch a flight to San Francisco. As of right now (8:00 PM), our flight is showing that it will leave on time. I know that some flights to San Francisco got out today, but the morning flights didn't. So keep your fingers crossed that we get to go to California!

We'll be staying with Shawn's brother and his family for a few days, and Shawn's mom will be there, too. We'll stay there through Saturday to celebrate Christmas with them. Then we'll be going to stay in San Francisco by ourselves for a couple days as a little anniversary trip! I've never been to San Francisco, so I'm excited to explore the city with Shawn.

I'm not exactly sure how much internet access we'll have while we're gone, so I've already written a few blog entries that are set to post. So don't worry...this blog will provide you with some entertainment even while we're out of town. And I'll make sure to take lots of pictures and take note of lots of stories to share with you when we get back!

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Jennifer said...

It sounds like a great trip, i hope everything goes smoothly with your flight!!