Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Traditions

My friend Kim, over at Newly Woodwards , tagged me for this little blog post. I love the idea of Christmas Traditions, and during our little snowy hike on our anniversary Sunday, Shawn and I talked a little bit about some traditions that we'd like to start or continue.

This will be the second Christmas that Shawn and I have spent together. Last year, we were in Jamaica on our Honeymoon, so there's not much we did last year that we'll be able to continue as a tradition. This year, we're going to his brother's house, so I'm not sure what might turn into a tradition from this year, either. But there are a couple things that we've agreed we'd like to be traditions.

First, when we were in Jamaica last year, we bought a gorgeous hand-painted ornament. So I like the idea of trying to buy an ornament every year that somehow signifies something that we're doing or that's important to us that year. Since we'll be in the Bay area for Christmas this year, I'm going to look for a San Francisco ornament while we're there...hopefully on sale! :)

Second, on Christmas Day last year, we climbed Dunn's River Falls. We've decided that we're going to try to make it a tradition that we'll always go out and do something active in nature on Christmas Day. I think Shawn's really excited about this particular tradition. :)

So far, that's all we really have. At my parents' house, we usually have cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas Day. I wouldn't mind starting that tradition with Shawn. :) Also, my family also does normally tend to go see a movie on the evening of Christmas.

Frankly, I'd like to have more Christmas traditions. So if any of you reading this have any ideas, please feel free to leave me a comment! This is supposed to be one of those tag posts, but frankly, by the time I've posted this and people have had a chance to read it, it might be a little late for anyone I might tag to do their own blog posts. But again, if you're reading this, feel free to steal the idea!



One of the families in my church celebrates the 12 days of Christmas with their kids to help them remember the importance of Epiphany. They give one present a day for 12 days. It's great for kids to stretch out Christmas a little, and it helps with the budget -- 12 presents total!! :) Matt and I are thinking of adopting this one when (?) we have kids. ;)

Kim & Ryan said...

We love getting ornaments when we go on trips, too. (PS. We got a lovely one in San Francisco at a little shop in Sausalito)

Your traditions sound fabulous. Although, Jamaica soulds pretty great too! =) Have a Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

Dave and I are starting a new tradition by filling each others stockings this year. I am really looking forward to that.

KellieBelle said...

COOL coincidence! We were on our honeymoon last year too, AND we climbed up to Suri suri falls in Dominica on Christmas day :)