Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Volunteer Opportunity

Last week, I blogged about volunteering at PetSmart. While I do think this is a worthy cause, and I'm excited to get to spend a little time with kitties once a week, I really wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on people, not just animals. :) So I filled out an application to volunteer for the American Cancer Society!

The volunteer coordinator called me pretty quickly, but it was right before Thanksgiving. Things got hectic; we ended up playing some phone tag. But I finally was able to chat with her briefly last week. I met her on Monday, when she took me out to lunch and explained some of the opportunities they currently have available for volunteers. Then we went over to the local hospital so she could show me what I'll most likely be working with.

I'm not sure how widespread it is, but in this area, the American Cancer Society has recently started "Cancer Resource Centers" in the local hospitals and oncology centers. Basically, this is a place where cancer patients and their caregivers can come to get more information and support. There are pamphlets which give more information about specific types of cancers and their treatments. People can sign up to be provided with rides to and from chemo treatments. On Monday, the Resource Center had a basket full of hats and scarves that patients could take since the weather has gotten so cold lately.

I'll need to fill out a separate application for volunteering at the hospital, but hopefully within a few weeks, I'll be able to start working at the Cancer Resource Center at the local hospital! The volunteer coordinator is really excited to make these centers even more useful and organized, so she's also hoping that I'll be able to serve on a committee that will help to organize these centers!

I'm really excited for these opportunities. Obviously, cancer is something that affects all of us in some way. Is there anyone these days who doesn't know someone who has had to deal with cancer? On a personal note, my grandmother had breast cancer, and my dad has had cancer a couple of times. Shawn lost both his dad and his uncle to cancer a few years ago, and Shawn's brother survived cancer when he was in high school. Frankly, we never know when cancer is going to be diagnosed in someone that we love (or even ourselves). As long as I'm healthy, I'd really like to do what I can to help those who are dealing with the disease!


Jennifer said...

I think thats awesome that your doing that. I lost my Dad to cancer and I agree that it affects everyone. I wonder if we have something like that around here I would really like to be involved. Hmmm....

Jennifer said...

Check out my blog I left you something ; )