Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Cards

I've been trying to think of a topic for my blog, but I keep glancing over at my stack of Christmas cards. I desperately need to start writing these! I thought I was getting a head start by buying them early...I bought the cards before Thanksgiving. Before I bought them, I even made sure that I went through my address book and counted how many cards I thought we'd need. Good thing I did...I was thinking maybe 50 or 60. The actual count is over 100!

I think I've admitted it on here before...I have a little bit of OCD. There are just certain things that I'm very particular about. For example, it drives me nuts when my stuff gets moved (like, on my desk at work). I don't like it when furniture is out of place. (You can ask some of my college girlfriends about all this...I was the source of their amusement and entertainment for 4 years.) This ends up causing me to be compulsively organized with some things. (And yet, oddly, I can often be quite messy and don't mind clutter.)

What does this have to do with our Christmas cards? Well, I needed to make a list of who's getting cards. So I did that last night...typed up our card list. And when I bought the cards, I didn't just buy a whole bunch of one card...I got 4 different designs. So I needed to think about which cards would be most appropriate for/appreciated by which people. But I have a limited number of each design, of course. So I gave each card design a different color, and as I decided who should get which card, I changed the font color of that person's name. Yeah...I color coded my Christmas card list.

That entire process probably took me about an hour. But it's done and I feel really good about it! Now...I just need to start actually writing the cards. :-)