Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We're Home!

It was a long and fun trip, but it's good to be home! We flew back to Seattle late on Sunday night. Parking anywhere near the Seattle airport is really expensive, so our new friends in the area have been great about giving us rides. When Shawn flew out to St. Louis, he left our car at the house of our friends. That's fine...except that these same friends had to come get us at 12:30 Monday morning! By the time we went to their house, picked up our car, and drove home (stopping by the drive-thru of Jack in the Box since we were both hungry), it was about 2:00am before we made it home. Poor Shawn had to go to work on Monday morning...but I slept in until 10:00. :)

Over the next week or two, I'll work on some posts that will show pictures of some of the things we did while on vacation. But just to recap...Shawn and I left on Wednesday, June 17th. We flew overnight, arriving in Raleigh, North Carolina, around 9:30am on Thursday, June 18th. After celebrating my brother's wedding that weekend, Shawn flew back to Seattle that Sunday. I, however, drove with my parents and my 3-year old niece to NE Ohio. Shawn spent most of that week at home, working, while I hung out with my family and saw some friends in Ohio. On Thursday, June 25th, I flew (with my friend Katie) to St. Louis. Shawn met me there early Friday morning (after taking yet another overnight flight). We spent the weekend there, hanging out with my college friends and attending a fun wedding. Early that Sunday morning (after 3 hours of sleep), Shawn and I flew from St. Louis to Denver, where we spent the next week enjoying the mountains and spending time with lots of friends and family.

And now we're home. :) The whole trip was definitely tiring at times, but overall, I'm glad we did it this way. It was actually cheaper for us, since we only needed to buy one-way tickets for me instead of round-trip tickets. We got to see LOTS of people in one big trip instead of trying to remember who we did or did not see in lots of little trips. While we were gone, we think that most of the fish survived (although I still can't find the ghost catfish...); however, we're not sure that our garden will survive. We kind of forgot to have someone come over to water everything, so things are looking a bit crispy. I have high hopes for the tomato plant (there is actually a small tomato currently growing), and I'm crossing my fingers for the peas (since we already have a dozen or so pods growing), but I'm not going to hold my breath for the carrots. I'll let you know what happens. :)

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