Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a Sweep!

My birthday was back in October, but I just got my present this weekend. The Cleveland Indians came to town to play a 3-game series against the Mariners, and my present was tickets to all three games. It was awesome.

Friday night, Shawn and I had great seats...we were in the second row of the upper deck, right in line with the 3rd base line (draw a line from 3rd through home plate and just keep going up to the seats...that's where we were). The game didn't start until 10:10 EST, so unless the fans in Ohio stayed up pretty late, they missed a good game. The Indians beat the Mariners, 9-0!

Saturday was a day game, and our seats were in left field, about 10 feet inside the foul pole. For some stupid reason, this game was blacked out nationwide, so the only ones who could see it were those of us who were there! My brother even tried to watch it online and couldn't. We were in the sun the entire time, and it was really hot out, but it was still another great game. The Indians beat the Mariners, 10-3!

Finally, on Sunday, we went to another day game. It was hot again, but our seats were in the shade for the entire game (well, we were in the sun for the first half of the first inning or so). We were back in the upper deck, a bit higher up than Friday, and we were on the 3rd base side. A group of our friends from church were at the game, too, but I'm not sure where they were sitting. (We already had bought our tickets before we knew that friends would be going.) Once was an awesome game! This time, the Mariners took a 2-1 lead after the first inning, but reigning Cy Young winner, Cliff Lee, settled down pretty quickly after the first, and the Indians beat the Mariners, 12-3! We swept Seattle!!!

Safeco Field is a really pretty park. It was actually designed by the same guy who designed both Jacobs Field in Cleveland (I refuse to call it Progressive Field) and Coors Field in Denver. Here are a couple shots of the park.
So this weekend, I had the privilege of watching some great baseball with my wonderful husband, who cheered for the Indians with me. My team swept the Mariners by scoring 31 runs in 3 games, and we enjoyed a lot of good food. (I'll admit that the hot dogs at Safeco are the best I've ever had, and they also make some darn good garlic fries there!) It was a wonderful birthday present!! So what if I got it 9 months late? :-) Thanks, love!

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