Friday, July 10, 2009


While we were gone on our trip(s), we were bad gardeners. We weren't too worried about the first weekend we were gone, since Shawn was back home after only 4 days. We figured the plants would survive (especially since we have the extra reservoirs at the bottom of our planters). However, for the longer time away, we kind of forgot to arrange for someone to come over regularly. Shawn was able to contact one of his co-workers, and he came over to feed the fish and water the plants after we'd already been gone about a week. When we came home, I thought we'd probably killed all our plants. But there have been new blooms on the columbines, there are little itty bitty tomatoes, and suddenly there are lots of pea pods! I was most certain that we'd killed the peas, so I'm very excited to see them growing (especially since I love eating peas right off the vine).

Shawn and I picked one pod yesterday, just to see if we were correct in thinking it was ready...and it was yummy! Here are pod #2 and #3 that I just picked this morning!
It's official...we have peas from our "garden"! :-)

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