Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice Weekend!

As I posted yesterday, I had a wonderfully relaxing Saturday at home while Shawn was off playing in a rugby tournament. Once he got home, we both headed off to downtown Seattle.

Shawn spent his evening with the ruggers. I'm not exactly sure what all went on; I simply know that the team held a Kangaroo Court and then went out together afterwards. If you're not familiar with the tradition of Kangaroo Courts in the sporting world, here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia article:
For example, many Major League Baseball teams have a kangaroo court to punish players for errors and other mistakes on the field, as well as for being late for a game/practice, not wearing proper attire to road games, or having a messy locker in the clubhouse. Fines are allotted, and at the end of the year, the money collected is given to charity. The organization may also use the money for a team party at the end of the season.[2]
This type of kangaroo court is common in Rugby Union teams and clubs in the western world where fines are given at the end of a tour or season. The fines are dealt with either by forfeits or tasks. This usually entails large amounts of alcohol as punishment.
In 1975, the
Cleveland Indians of the American League had a Kangaroo Court where players were fined one dollar for silly offenses [3], and the New York Yankees players have held several such mock "courts" in their clubhouse throughout the team's history.

Considering the article excerpt mentions Major League Baseball, the Cleveland Indians, and the rugby tradition, I figured it was fitting to include it here. :)

While Shawn was busy with this, I got to have a girls' night! I thought ahead and contacted two other girls whose boyfriends play rugby with Shawn. Since all three of us would've otherwise spent the evening at home alone, we decided to go out together. We met up first at an Irish pub close to where the boys were starting their evening. We then went out to dinner at Gordon Biersch, where I had a very yummy pulled pork sandwich. It was also in a part of Seattle that I'd never been to before, and to which I'll definitely need to return! It's a huge complex called Pacific Place, and according to their website, it is THE place in Seattle for fashion, food, and film.

After dinner, the three of us went and saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. It was rather cheesy and predictable, but I did laugh out loud a number of times. And frankly, I got to spend 100 minutes watching Matthew McConaughey. Although I probably would've appreciated it more if I hadn't spent $10.50 to see it, there are worse things I could've done with my evening.

From what I can tell, Shawn had a good time with the ruggers Saturday night, and I had a great time with the girls. We're already starting to plan our next girls' night out. :)

And as for's been nice and lazy. :) We slept in and went to a late Mass. Afterwards, we headed toward the mall, where Shawn took his suit to get altered. We just bought him this suit a year ago, but he's lost so much weight in that time that Men's Wearhouse has to take in his pants 7 inches at the waist! It'll be done just in time for the End of Season Rugby Banquet that we'll be going to next weekend. We've been spending the rest of the afternoon just hanging around the apartment, watching baseball, reading, making dinner (beef stew in the crock pot), and playing video games (that would be Shawn). Hard to believe that today is the last day of May already!

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