Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beautiful Saturday!

This morning, Shawn went to go play in a social rugby tournament. I decided to stay at home. I just figured that since it's a social tournament, the outcome doesn't really matter. And being a tournament, there would be plenty of games played that wouldn't involve Shawn.

So he got up around 6:30. I kept sleeping. He woke me up to say goodbye at 8:00...I went back to sleep. I ended up staying in bed until almost 10:30, and it was wonderful!! There was a bit of a cool breeze coming in through the window, and it was just about perfect. Just would've been nicer if Shawn was still there. :)

Now I'm sitting out on our porch with my laptop. I'm thinking this is where I'll spend most of the rest of my day...just bring out a book, some food, a beverage. Perfect. I don't think I could ask for nicer weather! I took a few pictures. :)

This is what I'm looking at right now. I'm actually just a little surprised there are no kids playing out in that grassy area right now. Maybe they're all at the apartment complex pool.

I also thought I'd post a couple pictures of our "garden." Remember what they looked like just a few weeks ago? I took these pictures on May 9. Look at them now!

We need to get stakes for the pea plants. And frankly, I need to thin them out...we have too many plants in that small pot. Hopefully we'll get that taken care of this week! Maybe tomorrow, actually.

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Kim said...

Your pots look awesome. They are growing like crazy.