Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Shawn!

Yesterday was Shawn's 31st birthday!!! Happy birthday to Shawn! :) This weekend, we started celebrating Shawn's birthday a little bit early...dinner and a movie on Saturday was his choice. We went to a restaurant called Shawn O'Donnell's, which isn't far from here. It's one of the places that Shawn would occasionally go with a guy from work before I moved out here, and they've got good Irish-American food. We also saw Body of Lies, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. It was okay. It seemed to drag on (I checked my watch after an hour, hoping that the movie was almost over), and the storyline seemed unnecessarily complicated. By the end, it also went too far into the "political message" that Shawn and I didn't really agree with.

Since Sunday was actually Shawn's birthday, he chose what we did all day long. I was shocked when he decided not to do anything outdoors and tiring! Instead, what he really wanted to do was just stay home and relax. So after we slept in and then went to church, that's what we did. We got McDonald's for lunch because it was easy (and we both got chocolate dipped cones in honor of his birthday). Then Shawn got his birthday presents.

I bought him two guidebooks. One is Hiking in Snohomish County (which is where we live). Apparently, our county stretches from the Puget Sound in the west to some of the mountains in the east, so there is actually some good hiking not too far from here. The other guidebook is a Falcon guide to Mountainbiking in the Puget Sound Area. One of the things that Shawn misses about where we lived in Colorado is the open space park we lived next to, where he loved to go biking. So hopefully this book will give him some good places to go biking without having to drive an hour or two to get there!
I then also bought him a game for his Xbox 360...Bioshock. He put this in to play for "30 minutes." I think it turned into more like an hour and a half. I think he likes it. :)

The rest of the day, we just hung around the house together. I made a pizza at his request; we played a little MarioKart; we watched a little TV. That's really about it. Shawn, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! I love you very much! :-)

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